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Team Ghana strategy retreat ends in Aburi

The MamaYe Ghana Team just completed a two-day retreat in Aburi where we discussed the strategies to achieve all objectives of the campaign for the next three quarters. Little Acre Hotel in Aburi served as the near- perfect venue for the meeting which saw Ann Pettifor of Advocacy International also in attendance.

The MamaYe campaign intends to ultimately instill in everyone - including you – a sense of urgency in acting within your own capacity to save many more mothers and newborns. The discussions at the meeting focused on improved training and supervision for skilled birth attendants (SBA) - doctors, midwives and nurses - who have been trained in the skills necessary to manage normal deliveries and diagnose, manage, or refer obstetric complications.

The essence is to ensure that these SBAs are able to recognize the onset of complications, perform essential interventions, start treatment, and supervise the referral of mother and baby for interventions that are beyond their competence or not possible in the particular setting.

The meeting was used to streamline country strategies on implementing client-community-provider partnership for improved MNH care in Ghana. One other key aspect of the campaign is to accelerate improved local use of evidence for decision making by policy makers and authorities in the country.

 The media and advocacy strategy was also fleshed out by the team as the Campaign gears up to encourage the participation of the general public in taking personal action and demanding accountability from appropriate authorities. 

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