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Managing Postpartum Hemorrhage - Video

This video is a must watch for every health official. It is an audiovisual summary of the basic principles of the management of massive PPH.

A study by Venture Strategies Innovations (VSI), it responsed to concerns that many low-income countries were unlikely to meet MDG 5 – a reduction in maternal mortality of 75% by 2015. The study found that postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) remains the leading direct cause of maternal death, even though it is preventable and treatable. As countries attempt to achieve SDGs 3, the video is still relevant in the global quest to reduce maternal mortality.

Prevention is possible when a uterotonic drug is used immediately after birth. This makes the uterus contract and therefore reduces bleeding.

The video from the Global Library of Women's Medicine throws more light on the subject. 

Source: GLOWM

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